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Quick Vegetarian Recipes

How to eat healthy when you're on the go and uninspired? Here are 3 healthy vegetarian/vegan meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner in 5 minutes. I love food but I can't stand all that time in the kitchen, so the solution is quick meals to get me through the day with snacks and water in-between. Because I know people will ask, no I'm not a strict vegetarian/vegan. Given the option I will always choose vegetarian, but when those options are non-existent or wack, I'll eat seafood and chicken. I'm more about being practical...there's no reason why people should be eating meat and dairy everyday! The impact heavy consumption of all things including animals has on the planet is insane! Be mindful and make incremental changes. Eat meat and dairy but do you need it everyday? Make sure to share your personal recipes and ideas so we all can get inspired.

BANANARAMA SMOOTHIE BOWL in a blender: - half a banana - healthy splash of almond milk - 1-2 spoons of peanut or almond butter - 1-3 dates - 1 spoon of coffee grinds - 3-6 ice cubes depending on how much milk you use. Ice cubes make it consistent like icecream - topped with granola - optional toppings: almonds, shredded coconut, chia seeds VEGGIE SUSHI BOWL - white or brown rice - seaweed, cucumber, carrots, baby spinach, avocado, sliced and arrayed purdy :) - ginger for taste - dressing: sesame oil and soy sauce PESTO PASTA BOWL To make pesto, use a food processor and add: - basil - pine nuts - salt & pepper - olive oil Mix with pasta and toss in veggies of your choice. I used tomatoes, cucumber, and forgot avocado!!! You can use whatever!


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