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Is The Paleo weight loss plan program The first-class diet plan?

These are the 20 reasons why my husband and I quit the Paleo diet exactly a year ago. I'm grateful to it for showing me the beauty of whole foods, but it has also damaged my body pretty bad. As time passed, my thoughts crystallized and I was able to work out the best kind of diet for my own body, which is really called "Listen to your body" diet. I was also able to look back, reflect, and see all the things that went wrong after one year on the Paleo diet. You see, the problem is that the majority of Paleo gurus and leaders are men and they really aren't the best people to advise women. The Paleo diet may work for a lot of men (however, not all - just look at my husband's case), but women's bodies are different. Plus, we are all different and need different things. One diet doesn't work for everyone.



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