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for more info on my diet, check out my post '3 ways to eat healthy without restricting yourself' : http://bit.ly/1W4Dy7t

talking about eating - today i'm listing 7 ways my body has changed from going vegan. as you will hear, it's quite a big change. so basically everything from bloating, energy levels, hormonal changes, and eating habits, to a killer immune system and standing still weight-wise. not too bad from just one lifestyle change huh ? are you vegan ? have you ever made a big diet change ? did you notice any differences ? would love to hear all about it ! also, just wanted to thank all of you who took the time to send me some birthday wishes yesterday - you are the best and i was so happy to read all of your little messages ^.^ we had the loveliest, most relaxed day. did some shopping, some champagning, and a whole lot of korean fooding. love // jenny

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