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The snap shots of Rocky Balboa pounding an animal carcass in a meat freezer and gulping down six uncooked eggs for breakfast have become engrained in boxing tradition.

a lot in order that the idea of an elite-degree prizefighter eating anything aside from steak and hen appears uncommon.

input David Haye, the two-weight international titleist who will take on Tony Bellew in a heavily-hyped pay-in keeping with-view dust-up on Saturday, March 4 at the 02 in Greenwich, London.

A observe Haye may not endorse the boxer is vegan, but the Londoner, never one for convention, has been adhering to a strict plant-primarily based weight-reduction plan for 3 years.

"i've a complete-time chef and a terrific nutritionist who makes certain i get all of the minerals and nutrients required," Haye, 36, advised The sun.

"I feel better than ever, I look and sense more youthful," he brought. "human beings say 'wherein do you get your power from?' [But I ask them] where does an ape get his energy from?"

"[Apes are] 20 instances stronger than people and that they do not depend upon a meat-based weight loss plan. They eat vegetation all day lengthy. it is a fantasy which you need meat for power."

Haye turned vegan after looking into the most efficient approaches to get over damage even as also gaining knowledge of the "horrible" manner animals are treated.

He said: "All roads saved main lower back to a plant-based food plan."

In fight and electricity sports, there is a commonplace false impression that by means of going vegan human beings will suddenly come to be protein deficient, however Gary Turner — a thirteen-time international champion sportsman — advised enterprise Insider that athletes can get all the protein they need from a vegan weight loss plan, supplying they devour to caloric wishes.

Sources: businessinsider

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