Dangers of Eating Chia Seeds ~ Does it Benefit?| On Board Vegan

You might not accept as true with the problem this popular health food may want to cause.

Chia seeds were enjoying their second in the highlight for the last few years, way to experts and research alike touting their potential fitness benefits. these little seeds, frequently marketed as a superfood, may additionally come with a mystery health chance: Chia seeds can probably block your esophagus, in line with a patient case examine from Carolinas HealthCare system.

Source: womenshealthmag Maria J. Clifford

4 IMPORTANT steps to follow before purchasing:
1) Avoid chia seeds that were made in China.
2) Avoid seeds that are not 100% pure.
3) Certified...certified and certified! Always choose certified production - that is your best quality guarantee.
4) Cheap seeds = low quality seeds (possible GMO).



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